TPE and Silicone Sex Doll’s Difference

Nicole M. Damato
10/12/2020 0 Comment

Here’s a complete evaluation among TPE and ordinary silicone actual like sex dolls, hoping to solve your cloth troubles with real like sex dolls.


Silicone existence length sex doll:

Silicone is thermosetting elastomer, non-poisonous and odorless in water. Silicone is less complicated to smooth however sometimes customers say it has stickiness. Silicone sex dolls are high-priced, however they may be extra proof against warmness, water and stains. Silicone sex dolls, with the maximum real vaginal and anal cavities, are a massive advantage to someone. Compared with TPE, the surface of silicone is smoother, but TPE has a extra sensible skin sensation, and the difference among TPE and silica gel is more than that of TPE.


The major blessings of silicone sex dolls

-less difficult to clean and sterilize

-insensitive to heat

-silicone can preserve its shape and endure weight

-Because of its porous texture, silicone dolls feel very easy (not like actual skin)

-as a silicone doll, the trial and test has been occurring for a long time.


Defects of silicone material:

-more tough than actual love dolls made with TPE. When you shake them from side to side, their breasts and buttocks might not swing.

-silicone dolls are from time to time even more steeply-priced

-silicone rubber is thicker and softer than TPE.

– Silicone is much less long lasting than TPE


TPE lifestyles length sex doll:

TPE is a combination of rubber and plastics. It is thermoplastic and elastic. It is bendy and smooth to apply, and it may be stretched time and again and right away restored to its authentic form. Because of its molding capability, smooth texture and flexibility, TPE is widely used to make sex dolls. It feels extra like real skin, very tender.


TPE production method is simple, do not need vulcanization, can cowl PE,PP,PS and other plastic substances, so TPE fabric is environmentally friendly and non-poisonous. Its hardness degrees from 0A to 120A. It can be in my opinion molded and recycled to reduce manufacturing charges. They are extensively used in present day sex dolls and brothels.


The fundamental advantages of TPE sex dolls:

– Realistic look and real contact

– Flexible  extruded and tender

– Huggable  TPE remains heat like a real character.

– Hypoallergenic because of this you are not going to have any allergic reactions.

– TPE is extra less expensive

-there is no stinky odor of latex. It is odorless.


TPE’s pores and skin feels smooth, its breasts and frame are tender, and you could shake it. It’s something that guy like maximum. TPE could make the vagina extra tender and fluffy, but it’s also actual inner. If you want to locate something to catch, TPE allow you to. Our TPE sex doll uses advanced injection technology to make sure that body elements which include the mouth and vagina provide actual sex feelings. You can keep multiple positions of the TPE doll due to the fact the TPE cloth is fantastically flexible.


Defects of TPE fabric:

TPE sex doll are tough to smooth with stains on them. So you have to easy your vagina and anus as plenty as you could. All SEXDO realistic adult dolls are made of latest TPE cloth, no longer simple silicone.


Realistic TPE Sex Doll vs. Silicone Love Doll – Which is Better?

It depends on a spread of factors, which includes the amount you’re inclined to pay. But thinking about all sorts of factors, TPE sex dolls are the future of sex dolls. Because it may be used to make extra actual sex dolls. And TPE sex dolls can keep longer penises, have greater perimeter, because it has greater area extensibility, and its greater practical pores and skin feel will offer a more sensible, extra normal, extra pleasant revel in. Lifelike sexy dolls may even help with anxiety and despair.