Shopping Guide to choose Sex Doll Wigs

Nicole M. Damato
12/11/2019 0 Comment

Before purchasing a Sex doll wig, you need to know and be aware of the size of the head. Many do not know how to choose a natural wig for their sex dolls. The accessories are selected taking into account the color of the strands. Wigs can be analyzed online. A win option are products that are color-matched to the sex dolls attitude, skin color, pose, appeal, body structure, seducing figure, etc. And, the primary thing is their faces. Must not avoid this point.

What you must look before buying?
Not everyone has time to visit a beauty salon or super market every morning. This is why it is easy to order them online. Some portals even ask for your sex doll��s picture. After analyzing the criterion they will suggest you a few wig designs, or you are a free man to tell your wish. So which type of guidelines you need? Let��s have auto blowjob sex doll .

Before you buy the wig for the real sex doll, think carefully about where and how you want to use the wig.
If you need other accessories for the sex doll you must buy them too such as hair pin, sexy bangles, pretty hair band, etc.
skinny sex doll is preferable to take a natural wig. Or, if you found synthetic wig then it��s free of maintenance.
When choosing an accessory, make sure that the hair color matches the color of doll��s face.
The shape of the wig is selected based on the shape of the head.
yourdoll of wigs

Dolls with pale skins will fit gray, black, light brown versions of cold shades. For skin prone to redness, chestnut shades and warm light brown are recommended. In the presence of the skin of golden tone, it is better to try the red and light shades. Women��s natural hair wigs differ in the base, so they are divided into three types:

Lace base with bangs �C The pony cannot be removed as it covers the edge of the base.

Hair with a growth line �C This accessory does not need a pony. It consists of two parts �C the back half with the tip base, from the front �C a transparent, invisible growth line.

Hollywood �C It is a solid base which cannot be distinguished from his own curls, able to withstand windy rainy weather. It is made of synthetic material that resembles the structure of the scalp.

Which questions should you clarify?

The first decision you need to make relates to the hair used. Do you want a wig made of real hair or do you prefer one made of synthetic fibers? A Male sex doll wig made of real hair can be modified a bit. Here you can change yourself or a hairdresser, the hairstyle previously determined even in retrospect. The wig must be washed once every three months. It is better to buy a specialized cleaning product. But you can wash the product at home with shampoo. Before the procedure, it should be placed on a base that repeats the shape of the head.