Life with Sex Doll

Nicole M. Damato
20/07/2020 0 Comment

There are people who have sex with love dolls, so there is demand, so after doing various research, everyone buys a lot of sex dolls and has a doll that has love doll sex on a daily basis. It’s good that you don’t wear my favorite clothes or cause hysterics. You will not be swayed. Compared to humans, it is more difficult to enter an aquarium or movie theater.

I have a dream to make a beautiful android that talks and moves. We are currently researching and developing AI that allows conversation and movable dolls. However, detailed techniques such as the composition of silicon that gives a human-skin-like texture, bubble removal, and burr correction at the joint are required. I think that the acquisition of investment is the result of having evaluated this point as well, and the reason why it was listed is because I wanted to raise more money to develop Android.

I searched for love dolls! !! It seems like having sex with a real doll is the same as having sex with a so-called sex doll. Even if you live alone, you need to be careful if there are other people in the room. In particular, women may dislike the feeling that other women are looking at themselves. I apply makeup from there, but the makeup for humans and dolls is quite different.

If Miss Deriher is not in good condition, I can’t enjoy playing here either. Indeed, the pursuit of “as a person” reality. Things are called real dolls. And in recent years, not only male users but also female real doll fans are increasing. For example, in the case of human makeup, you should hide the bear under your eyes and dull nose with a foundation or concealer.

Doll-shaped automatic heat generation, original technology (Some dolls can not generate heat, the corresponding explanation is a doll that can speak, but please understand) Thank you for your understanding. Skills, sex and making couples have a comfortable sex life. It is the result of the latest science in Real Japan, which is absolutely safe for humans, non-toxic, and has no peculiar odor.

Even if I left it in my room, my mother who got into it one day might be surprised and rampage. It’s a good idea to evacuate in the closet, but I’m surprised when my unprepared grandma sees my dentures coming off. I want to hold it from below! And all the dolls were firm like Eppencil’s butt. Nipple, please! The abdominal muscles are also nice and soft with a soft core. You’re training! The butt is good for this child because the practicality is emphasized.