A scientific guide to saying no. How to avoid sex doll scam?

Nicole M. Damato
19/08/2019 0 Comment

You will find a wide variety of sex dolls in the market. However, not all dolls are real and good. Before buying any product, you should be extremely careful to avoid sex doll scam that could put your wellbeing in danger. Now, you may ask- how to look for the scam retailers. Well, go on reading this article. All your queries will be answered!

Signs to look for:

Before buying any of the sex dolls, you need to look for these things:

  • Research on the product– buying a doll for the very first time can be difficult so before buying, always look for a premium quality doll. Now you may ask how to understand a high-quality doll. Well, the answer is simple, look for the materials that are being used, the price and also the customer reviews.
  • Research on the retailer– secondly, before buying anything from a retailer, go through the reviews because they help you assess the honesty of the dealer, and encourage your choice of whether you should purchase from the vendor. Likewise, keep an eye on the clarity and truthfulness of the data and portrayal of the doll as imparted by the merchant. A reliable merchant will always respond to your queries.
  • Cheap products are not always good– if you are buying a silicone doll, then the price will be near around 10000 dollars and if you are buying TPE doll, then it cost around 2000 dollars. If you find any of the dealers are providing a cost which is less than this, you should avoid them. Cheap products are not always good because of the inferior quality of the material is used for these dolls.
  • Description of the product– You can get a detailed description of a product on the website. Also, you can look for sex dolls for sale to find out more uses of the product. A good product should have all the description on its a label- weight, height, uses, cautions, etc. You should make inquiries to the seller about some additional information on the descriptions which are not mentioned. A good retailer will respond to you immediately.
  • Payment mode– This last point is unquestionably the most basic one, it is each trickster’s hotspot; getting you to send them the cash. Verify the techniques of payment that the vendor acknowledges and pick the most secure one. The most prudent technique to pay for items online is certainly making use of PayPal and credit cards. This is so because both of these methods offer an option of recovery if anything goes wrong. Always go for realistic prices! If you see that a seller is giving away a product at a very low cost, always ask questions about the product!

Basically, misleading is a bad habit that occurs in practically all dealings that include the exchange of cash or some other proportion of riches. Look for the warning signs on the internet.  Carefully study on the merchant and search up for suggestions and reviews on the internet before buying a sexy doll. Connect with the vendor, ideally on the telephone and get some information about the item. Look for the certification of the dealer because it matters a lot.