A man in China treats 7 sex dolls as family member

Nicole M. Damato
16/12/2021 0 Comment

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Innovation may before long change how we engage in sexual relations with even more practical sex dolls making it to the business sectors, including sex robots that are furnished with computerized reasoning and working genitalia. Many propose it can advance clean prostitution while pundits stress that robots will supplant human accomplices in bed in coming years.

Indeed, even as the interest with sex dolls is getting new measurements with superstar resemble the other the same sex dolls being discussed, a man in China is now carrying on with his existence with seven sex dolls, which he sees as something beyond joy devices.

Li Chen is a 58-year-old living in China’s Guizhou Territory and is a major fanatic of these excellent silicone figures. He says that he doesn’t have intercourse with them and thinks of them as his little buy sex doll girls. He even grooms them, dresses them up and takes them out for trips.

Li Chen likewise makes music recordings for the silicone dolls and has spent Rs 9.7 lakh on purchasing outfits for them. He says that individuals in China see him and other sex doll gatherers as degenerates, yet he just likes their magnificence and treats them as family members.

However, five of the dolls have a place with Li and two others are endowments to his child who he urges to fulfill organic requirements with sex dolls, since he needs his child to be safe.

Li’s fixation on dolls began in 2010 when he was out traveling with his better half and was staggered by the magnificence of these dolls. His sweetheart loved the dolls since she could dress them.

Li parted ways with his sweetheart in 2014, however carried on the fixation as the dolls have likewise been a trade for ladies in his youngster child’s life.